News : 30-08-2019 grand new expo participations :

Anna Soghomonyan


Olga Matiash



Alina Kumanyaeva



News : 02-06-2019

Anna Armolaeva joins us with her works



 20-05-2019 Elviras work in progress.


 Vasily Vlasov new expositionn at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moma Moscow)









Dima Yudin, the 7 years young genial talented artist.



 14-12-2018 Vasily Vlasov



June 2018 - Now in our portofolio :  Vasily  Vlasov:

Was born on May, 8 th, 1953 in the village of Bezenchuk, Kuibyshev (Samara) area

Since 1973 lives and works in Moscow

1968 — 72 Alma-Ata art school

1977 — 82 The Moscow polygraphic Institute

1982 — 87 Lecturer at the Moscow polygraphic Institute

1988 — 89 fellow of the Union of artists of the USSR

1991 Member of the artists Union of USSR (since 1992 the Moscow Union of artists)

Participated in more than 250 exhibitions

Curated national and international exhibitions “International Association

“Artist’s book”

The publisher and editor of exhibition catalogues “Artist’s Book”